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What is RRR ?

The Range the Riva the Residence™️ is the recognizable calling card of Bophut Project’s top end products that complete a carefree, all-inclusive lifestyle package for your discerning clients.

Providing a complete solution on the equivalent level of a luxurious boutique hotel, your get all the bells and whistles that go together with owning one of our properties.

Your Two Luxury SUV's

In selecting our estate owners’ two complimentary luxury vehicles, we have looked at stylish chic, the terrain, the car’s beauty and performance and the suitability for the island’s landscape and geography, and nothing stood out better than these two sleek and high performing luxury vehicles


The Range Rover is the ultimate in driving refinement and capability. It is the most complete SUV in the world; a bold evolution on an iconic design; unmistakably the Range Rover. Few vehicles match the regality of this iconic SUV. So go and log in and build your own and we will have it delivered together with your brand new Amrita Estate Retreat

Mercedes Benz

Perhaps the most formidable SUV available, championing both torque and toughness, this is the ultimate off-road and on-road SUV. If you need to get away fast and take a short-cut accept no substitute. Built for all terrains, this is the best wingman your Range Rover could wish for.


The Iconic Rivamare

Inspired by the design of sports cars, the Riva Rivamare Speedboat carries the tradition of Italian speed to the water. Measuring 39 feet long and 11.6 feet at its widest, it's powered by a pair of 400 HP Volvo Penta D6 400 engines, capable of propelling the craft to a cruising speed of 31 knots and a top speed of 40 knots. On the mahogany paneled deck, you'll find an intuitive control system with joystick and docking mode functions that make navigating narrow passages a breeze, as well as a rear hatch with mahogany steps that extend to form a faux "beach" area with water access.
Meanwhile, the downstairs is as luxurious as up, with a kitchen, bathroom with glass shower, and living area that converts into a double bed for sleeping.


Your Fleet Of Jet Skis

Slash through the surf with your gang as you explore coves and hidden beaches where your luxury motor yacht and SUVs can’t get to. The Gulf of Thailand offers dozens of outer islands to explore and beautiful days with over 300 of these days being sunny days.